What's this doing here? It's to show old and new friends who I am and what I've done. And for random CV hunters to offer me cool projects. Something interesting, involving changing the world. If you want to.

Francis Irving

British citizen, francis@flourish.org

Summary: Highly skilled and responsible entrepreneur, programmer and campaigner. Proven track record with seeing successful projects through to completion. Excellent team player and completer-finisher.


Career History: ScraperWiki (data), mySociety.org (charity), Creature Labs (games), NC Graphics (manufacturing), VEGA Group (military).

Voluntary Work: Save Parliament (campaigns director), Public Whip (founder), Oxfam Campaigns Group (co-ordinator), TortoiseCVS (founder).

Education: 1st Class Degree in Mathematics (Oxford University), A Levels.

Career History

Chief Executive Officer, ScraperWiki (from January 2011)

Internet startup, building a new way for people to collaborate on investigating data. Responsible for lots of things — the three most important: shaping and communicating a coherant vision, forming a successful team and ensuring both those turn into financial success.

Founding Developer, mySociety.org (October 2004 - December 2010)

Making web applications which engage people with democracy, and improve community aspects of their lives. Launched sites such as WhatDoTheyKnow which helps people get information from Government, and TheyWorkForYou which lets you find out what your Member of Parliament has been up to. Developed and ran the original high profile, high performance 10 Downing Street E-Petitions site.

Building mySociety's organisation as a charity, involving volunteers. Programming websites with robust backends, web service interfaces and open source code using Perl, PHP and PostgreSQL. Media work, such as speaking live about mySociety on national radio.

Software Developer, Self-Employed (from September 2002)

Runs own business as a self-employed software engineer. Work done includes:

Senior Programmer, Creature Labs (January 1999 - September 2002)

Developed artificial life Windows computer games in C++ and dynamic community web site in Perl and MySQL. Took a proactive role in finding important tasks and doing them or managing others to do them, even when they were not my formal responsibility. Positions held within the company included:

Software Developer, NC Graphics (March 1997 - January 1999)

Developed high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, which controls drills to cut industrial products out of metal. Worked in a team to design user interface and to research complex 3D algorithms. Used C++, MFC, OpenGL and STL. Wrote user manual and Windows help.

Software Engineer, VEGA Group (January 1996 - March 1997)

Developed multimedia training software for the Royal Navy using Borland Delphi. Co-ordinated small team to release product. Responsible for estimating timescales, creating documentation, following military quality standards and training customers.

Voluntary Work

Campaigns Director, Save Parliament campaign (March 2006 - November 2006)

Ran grassroots campaign against the Legislative And Regulatory Reform Bill. Turned legal advice into accessible briefings, worked with public relations to increase exposure in newspapers, coordinated thousands of supporters to write to their MPs and Lords. Made the Government back down and extensively amend the Bill.

Project Founder, Public Whip website (from June 2003)

Public Whip is a popular democracy website which makes it easy to find out how your MP has voted in the UK House of Commons. Initiated and led development of the project, developed website code. Publicised with charities and the media, acted as contact with parliament staff and MPs. Winner in the New Statesman New Media Awards in 2004.

Co-ordinator, Oxfam Campaigns Group, Cambridge (March 1997 - October 2002)

Leader of the group, setting the agenda to campaign and fundraise for Oxfam. Oxfam is one of the largest charities in the UK, working to overcome poverty and suffering worldwide. Personal responsibilities included:

Project Founder, TortoiseCVS (May 2000 - September 2002)

TortoiseCVS is an easy to use version control client integrated into Windows Explorer. It has been downloaded millions of times, and is used extensively in commercial and academic environments. Created original software with a particular focus on usability, and managed the open source project using collaborative development over the internet.


1st Class Degree in Mathematics, Oxford University (1992 - 1995)

Including advanced courses in Complexity and Cryptography, Lattice Theory, Relativity and Gödel's Theorem. Lincoln College scholarship 1993-1995.

A Levels (1992)

Biology A, Mathematics A, Further Mathematics A, Physics A, General Studies A.


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