Say “Hello”

Finally bowing to modern two-way communication, I’ve enabled comments for this blog. To add your own thoughts to one of my posts, click on the little link which says “No comments” (or the number of comments that there are). And fill in the form. Please say “Hello” now to check it works! If you get […]

Love letter to democracy

Today we’ve launched our first finished mySociety project. It’s called WriteToThem and it performs magic. OK, not quite magic, but some things which haven’t been done before. Go on, try it out: Enter your postcode. Find out all of your elected representatives. And then easily send them a letter. I’m betting you didn’t know who […]

Fifty springs are little room

This afternoon it was sunny, and I went out to look at the crocuses near the back of St John’s and Trinity colleges. They’re roughly here on a map. Every spring I wait for them to magically appear, the first magnificent sweep of flowers, they make the eyes glow to stare at them. Today there […]

A High Indignity

“Which MPs are the most assiduous, the most expensive, the most inquisitive, and even the most revolting?” Last night Stef and I were on “Today in Parliament”, Radio 4 talking about and Public Whip. Rather than explaining further, you can just listen to it. The item starts 9 mins 15 seconds into the programme. […]

Bindery and Conservation

On Wednesday a couple of friends who work at the Cambridge University Library showed me round. The only bit I took notes on was the book conservation section and the bindery. The UL is a copyright library, so gets all books printed in the UK for free, and it also buys foreign books and pamphlets. […]