Daily interestingness Flickr photo RSS feeds

Flickr, a photo sharing website, has a calendar which shows the most interesting photos each day. Strangely, that page has no RSS feed (what is RSS?). We present two such feeds here.

Now you can have the best photos in your news reader.

Four daily interesting Flickr photos

RSS Daily interesting photos - Flickr

Daily most interesting Flickr photo

RSS Daily most interesting photo - Flickr

At last, I've got a scrap of clothing that hasn't got a hole in!

Technical notes

This was made using the Flickr API and Python. The API has a function which returns a list of photos with the most "interestingness" for each day. However, this list varies with time as photos made on that day become slightly more or less interesting. This isn't much good for an RSS feed, as on some news readers you need stability to stop changed entries popping back up to the top. So, for each day, a snapshot of the most interesting photos when the script first saw that day is used.

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