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Ghana 2002

Funsi Development - History

In the 1950s the first Catholic Father arrived in Funsi. Before then there was no road, you had to travel by horse from the nearest town. The Catholics lobbied the government to build the road.

I went on the back of Major's truck from Wa to Funsi. It's great riding in the open air.

In the early 1980s there was too little food in the area, and the people were often asking the Catholic Father for help. Because of this, the local diocese contacted the Dutch Catholic development agency CordAid to fund an agriculture project. James Dumah, who is also the village chief in waiting, now runs the project and kindly explained it all to me.

Statistics about the project area

First of all introduced bullock tractors, to replace ploughing by hand. Farm size increased, so people had to learn about weeding, erosion control, using improved seeds and the use of chemicals. The area seems to have good food security now, although quite a few people are malnourished.

The Fathers were now being asked for help with medical needs. In 1988 the clinic was opened. From then on the project continued to broaden in scope, funding school buildings so that children were no longer taught under trees, and negotiating for more teachers from the government. Six people now work full time on the project.

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