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Ghana 2002


Back in Accra, I spent an afternoon talking to Regina, regional manager of the Community Development and Advocacy Centre. I had met someone from CODAC's London office the month before in Cambridge. My new thinking about the importance of conflict avoidance, democracy and human rights made me much more interested in CODAC's work than I would have been before.

Regina, in CODAC's Accra office

CODAC provides support for community based organisations. For example, organising training workshops for women to help and encourage them to participate more in regional government.

They also do work on conflict resolution. There is a dark, violent side to Ghana, which hasn't shown itself as much the last ten years, but still does occasionally. Here are some interesting things which Regina told me:

Overall I was much more excited about CODAC's work after visiting them in Ghana than I was in the UK. In the UK it had seemed very political, and very bitter. My impression in Ghana was that the political work was empowering, and exactly what is needed.

Survey office in Accra, where you go to buy maps.

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