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Ghana 2002

Mole National Park

My friend for an open top truck journey to Mole National Park. He had been to Sawla to buy a sack of rice. There was a dignity and peace about him; my Mum, who believes in reincarnation, would say he was an old soul.

Mole Motel is on a ridge in the middle of savannah. There are no fences, in theory a lion could walk right in. In practice this cheeky monkey came and stole a pat of butter from our table when we weren't looking.

Our ranger. The gun tranquilises.

Me, wishing I had optical zoom. The elephant was incredibly graceful, watching him from only 50 yards away felt like the scene from Jurassic park. So large, so slow, so purposeful, such an elegant stride. Beautiful legs and muscles as he walks.

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