Plasma Bubble

Plasma Bubble is a puzzle game I wrote for the Amiga when I was younger. With the Universal Amiga Emulator you can now play it on many modern computers. It's the most complete and playable game that I wrote - until Creatures 3 was released.

Basically, it's a Boulder Dash, or Repton style game. It's good because the different objects in the game work and hang together well. There's a built in level editor, making it fun to create new levels.

After a while making levels, and playing it, you almost get the feeling of another world. A place where the laws of reality are different.

plasma.lha (148K) Archive file of Plasma Bubble for standard Amigas. (218K) Amiga Disk File (ADF) version of Plasma Bubble.
plasmabubble.txt (17K) Original Plasma Bubble documentation.
plasma_src.lha (24K) Plasma Bubble source code.

The ADF file is for use with the Universal Amiga Emulator (UAE). Simply set plasm.adf as the disk in df0: and start the emulator. Plasma Bubble works best with KickStart 1.3, but will work with other ROMs.

If you play Plasma Bubble, then I'd be interested to hear how far you got, what you think of the game, or if you make any levels of your own. You can send me email at

Plasma Bubble was written using GFA Basic, who amazingly still have a web site where you can get a Windows version. I don't know how good it is now, but I certainly loved the ST and Amiga versions.

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