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WebMask program

webmask0.3both.zip (404k) Windows 95/98/NT version, including source code.

As WebMask is still in beta, there is not yet an automatic installation program. To install, unzip WebMask into a directory. Then view the help/webmask.html file for setup instructions - there is also a copy of webmask.html online.

To get WebMask to work, you must follow the instructions to set up your browser to use WebMask.

Advert filters update

filters0.wff (24k) An up to date file of advert filters for WebMask.

Some filters come in the WebMask package, but you can download a more up to date set here. The filter files are numbered - newer files have higher numbers in their name and contain all the filters from older files.

Follow these instructions to use the new filters.

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