Using WebMask

This page tells you various general things about using WebMask.

Tool tray icon

On your tool tray (next to the clock on the bar that the Start button is on) you will find the WebMask icon . If you click with the right mouse button on this, then a menu will appear.

The important items on the menu are described here:

Tool tip

If you hold the mouse over the tool tray icon then a tool tip will appear. It tells you if WebMask is enabled or not (see the section just above), and how many connections are currently being made through WebMask. If the connections are active, then it tells you the rate of data transfer.

Note: The tool tip will not update as you look at it. You need to move the mouse off the icon and back on again to force an update.

Changing icon

The tool tray icon changes colour according to the connections using WebMask.

- Grey indicates that your browser is not currently downloading a page through WebMask.

- Yellow shows that a connection has been made through WebMask, but no data is yet being transferred.

- Green shows that at least one connection is transferring data.