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Ghana 2002

Wa and Major

View from one of the mosque towers. Wa is the unimposing capital of Upper West Region, and the nearest town to our destination Funsi.

After our overnight bus journey, we had a few hours in Wa to recover. I spent some time reading and visiting mosques, while Stuart and Graham had the good fortune of bumping into Stuart's friend Major on the high street. Excellent, we can get a lift to Funsi, rather than the bus!

Major with his truck

Major was born in Funsi, and is an extraordinary man. He does everything, as you can see from this list of his current roles:

I had great fun riding in the back of his truck, as Major did errands in Wa.

First photo, children at a school in Wa, excited to see me in the back of Major's truck. Second photo, Major's bookcase in Funsi, to give you an idea of how connected to the world a Funsian can be.

After visiting the tailor, the petrol station, and the market, and loading the truck up with rice, Coca-Cola and some more passengers, we headed off on the road to our destination. Funsi.

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