kill adverts on the web

Tired of using the web? Constantly affronted by garish animations telling you to click here, to buy this and get free that? If you're watching TV, you can just change channel or go and make a cup of tea. On the web, you have to use WebMask.

The WebMask project is currently dormant. There have been no updates for several years. There are several reasons for this - the main developer has stopped taking an interest in the project, and the web site and documentation writer has changed to using Linux.

WebMask still works, so feel free to give it a go. If, however, you want something which is still being maintained, there is now a wide choice of software which removes adverts. You can find a comprehensive survey of advert removing software at my other web site.

WebMask was released under GPL, so the source code is available for anyone to take over the project. If you're interested, then you can grab it from the download page. Let me know if you want to take over.

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