Had a really good day at the Harambee centre. Wayne arrived just before 11am with the new computer, and quickly and consummately set it up. Crimson Technology provides proper service. He moved the old computer, set up the new one, installed printer drivers for the printer, and even put in a network card that i had bought along. You try and get Dell to do that.

A little before he left, Phil arrived, and then we spent all afternoon setting up the network between the two machines, with internet connection sharing. I say “we”, but I mainly made tea, wallpaper and looked up Swahili names for the computers. They’re called Hujambo (“Are you fine?”) and Sijambo (“I’m fine!”). Harambee means “Let’s pull together!”.

Phil did a top, professional job, and now we have two virus-checked, defragged, networked, connection sharing, printer sharing, My Documents sharing, multi-email account fetching, all singing, all dancing computers.

They’re perfect.

Of course, I’ve allocated time tomorrow to go in and fix any problems.

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