Hello. I meant to begin last week, but got myself in a tangle deciding what a blog is and isn’t. Frimlin just told me to post anyway, so here I am.

Last week was my first week after finishing work at Creature Labs.

On Monday I went to visit Windhorse Trading, a warehousing business on the outskirst of Cambridge entirely staffed by Buddhists. It was an interesting place, I took notes and I’m going to write it up. I’m just not sure what form to write about it in. It might be a suitable K5 article, perhaps an entry in this blog, or a web page of my writeup. Journalism without a goal is hard.

I spent most of the rest of the week doing a contract for Ravenbrook in Cambridge, which was good. It’s nice being a free agent. It’s not so much that you can decide what you want to do, but you can decide how much you need paying to make you do something you otherwise wouldn’t do. In IT contracting, anyway, the relations with the employer are more equal. Bitwork in less lucrative industries, or for people with mortages/children is probably a bit more opressive.

On Friday I slept ;)

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