This week I did some more work at Ravenbrook, and I’m doing more next week. On the shelves there (or perhaps it was Zoonami‘s, who they share an office with) I found an excellent book called Creative Company by Andy Law, about an advertising agency in London which turned into a co-operative, equally owned by everyone who works there.

On Wednesday, Mark organised a planning meeting for next year’s Think Twice conference. Last year’s conference had excellent speakers, and was a brilliant day. However, Mark would like the next one to turn more people into action, to actually assert their democratic power. Rather than just whinging.

While eating pizza nobody came up with anything which actually fitted this. To my surprise, over tea afterwards, the group inexplicably reached a good consensus. The plan is to have a range of activities over an hour and a half at tea time. These vary from workshops and actionful field trips to stalls and just drinking coffee. The idea is to give people a choice of meeting local people who are involved in different issues, and also a choice of the kind of action they might be prepared to do. Hopefully lots of people will do something small but deliberately world changing, who have not done so before.

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