Hello! I’m in a cool, chilled internet cafe in Accra (capital of Ghana) at the moment, catching up on the news from the BBC website. It’s the end of the trip, and I don’t feel too physically exhausted, mainly because we’ve managed to get plenty of sleep. I’m sipping Mirinda, a fizzy backcurrant drink.

Even though phyiscally I’m not too tired, mentally I’m exhausted. We’ve travelled all over Ghana, from the colonial slave forts on the coast, to the remote village of Funsi in the Upper West Region, and back. My digital camera is bursting with over 200 photos, and my mind is full of lots of new things. If I can work out how to organise it all I’ll write a separate trip account next week…

This afternoon I’m going to visit an NGO called CODAC; I met someone from their London office last month at a Harambee centre event. It’ll be interesting to see their Ghana office, and find out more about what they do. Then I’m going to try going to the cinema to see an African film, a real treat that you can only do in an anglophone country.

We fly back very late tomorrow night, arriving home Sunday afternoon.

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