Right, I had synced my palm, checked for any recent changes on the FCO website, and put a vacation message on my email. This meant that technically I should have packed up the computer, but that would have meant losing my music… So instead I played Ben’s open source game Zig for half an hour.

I’ve fitted everything in a small space in the loft, and I’ve packed my luggage. It’s actually much easier packing when you are packing up your whole room as well, as you have to evaluate every item for inclusion, so you don’t accidentally forget the maglite torch, for instance.

Tomorrow I catch a coach from Cambridge to Gatwick at 7:10am. My flight is at 13:40, changing in Dubai and in Bangkok. After that I’ll be in Myanmar for a month; I think the return flight to Bangkok is the 6th January. There’s no internet in Myanmar (except email at 5 star hotels, at $100 a pop), so you won’t hear anything more from me until then.

Enjoy Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!

OK, I’m off to the pub and a last British meal of fish and chips…

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