Quiet American Irony

Me, mindlessly propogate links? I’m going to make an exception to the byline at the top of this page. It relates to both Vietnam (where I am at the moment) and to the impending Iraq war, so perhaps we can forgive me.

‘Quiet American’ Irony article. Seeing the film “The Quiet American” in Vietnam months before its long-delayed opening in the United States, PNS Associate Editor Andrew Lam finds a country where activists and artists risk government crackdown to promote freedom of expression. Back in America, though, self-censorship is rising as an anti-war masterpiece is draped and a poetry reading cancelled.

I found the article while using the fantastic Google News Search. Every week or so I punch in Vietnam and China, and it gives me all the articles relating to where I am, and where I’m soon to be. These searches are particularly good at rooting out less common news sources, such as Asian English language newspapers. The front page of Google News is less good at exposing non-US perspective stories.

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