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In Tokyo in May, I went to visit people from two different development charities. They were both Christian charities because the contact that I found them through was Christian. However there isn’t a strong secular philanthropic tradition in Japan, as people are more inclined to let the government do everything.

Keep in mind that although these notes have come from Japanese people, they are quite Christian and American points of view. They may be unbalanced.

Religion and Communism

In communist Vietnam and Laos, I was told that the government is scared of religion. The staff of one of the Japanese Christian charities were followed and monitored closely, and they had great difficult renewing their visas every year. Eventually they had to close their local offices. Secular charities were left alone.

From the Christian point of view, this communist fear is because religious people “obey no earthly authority”. This is certainly true at the cutting edge of missionaries working in Asia (although in my experience believers are just as likely to obey authority when in the West). On the other hand, as someone who supports secular charities, I can imagine why a government might get frustrated by a ham-fisted linking of development aid with religious instruction. People should be free to explore whatever religion they like to try and understand what we are in this astonishing world, so it is a shame when the politicisation of religion from either direction causes such conflict.

It’s interesting that in Asia organisations like the Wycliffe bible translators, and Christian development missions seem to have far more difficulties than in Africa. I wonder whether this is because of the presence of an existing similarly structured religion (Buddhism) to compete with, because the African’s monotheistic animism is better tuned to Christianity, or some other historical reason?

Reliance on Government

I was told that Japanese people are very submissive these days. The older generation from just after the war were much more creative and active, but now people are more likely to just slot into their cog’s position in society. For example, there were demonstrations against the renewal of the Japan/US Security Treaty in the 1960s, but there are never large protests now.

This conformity is worrying from an economic point of view – that Japanese inventiveness may now decline – and also from the point of view of a charity looking for donations.

Once a charity takes too much government money, it can do less advocacy. One of the charities I visited refused any government money, to force themselves to try and make the rest of society care directly about poverty throughout the world. After WWII the Japanese had little and were helped. Some of the old people alive now remember this, and so in turn help those who are suffering in today’s world.

The government does do what would otherwise be charitable work. Often a welfare service started by Christians will be taken over and run by the government. On development, it is believed that although the Japanese government give aid, it does not really get to help the poorest of the people. NGO spending tends to be longer term than the short 1 or 3 year government projects.

Other Issues

Another problem that Japanese charities have is racism. There’s no feeling that you need to help people from another race. Black people are for some reason considered more alien than white. I didn’t manage to get a full understanding of how racist people in Japan are, but unlike the submissiveness problem, this one is on the decline. Japanese culture is becoming less racist.

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  1. I am also interested in obtaining a list of japanese and if possible european charities and foundations.

    With Thanks

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    Kampala – Uganda
    East Africa
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  2. I have just met an American Japanese girl who has been taken from her whole life – I decided “As a Christian” to lift her spirits by sending her a dress.

    It seems to me that gifts to Japanese people can either be miss interpreted as either insults or viewed as if given with conditions.

    It’s ironic that tonight I did a search for Japanese charities on yahoo and found none.

    My question – or statement I would like to ask is – are Asians scared of Jesus Christ? – don’t they see that we are his instruments and that by doing his will is the highest living possible on this earth?

    I have met Buddhists and in my opinion – Buddhism is a very lazy religion – Buddhists can walk past someone who is starving on the street and justify it – they must deserve there karma – where as a Christian cant walk past without doing something as we have to live with ourselves if we don’t.

    Hope is cheep in that it can be given so freely and yet the will to live – to witness a soft soul can be the Falk in the road we all need from time to time – we all hit rock bottom in our lives – we all also find ourselves in the process – suffering is fuel – to use that fuel for good – or evil is our choice – the choice to be good is harder – yet the only choice we can make if our lives are to have any purpose at all.

    I have also discovered that there are no Chinese Charities either – nor does the Soviet Union have any charities.

    Why is this???

    Can someone explain to me the selfishness of this lifestyle?

    To me – I have been given to from many many countries through the world – including Muslim and Buddhists citersens I might add. Turkey has the warmest respectful people – Germany, Spain, France, Thailand – the list goes on and on.

    Honestly if a race cannot give unconditionally as a way of thanking the universe “Jesus for me” – there lives are wasted as they have learned nothing and haven’t seen a single thing and cannot appreciate the gifts we are all surrounded by in this life.

    Darren John Edmonds

    P.S – I am right behind the people of Thailand for overthrowing there corrupt monarchy – turkey did it in the 20’s and hasn’t looked back from there.

    Perhaps the Japanese, The Chinese and The Russians need to find themselves – after all its there countries – the government is there for them – not the people for the government.

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