Comment on the Prime Minister

The media is an interesting and double edged sword. Newspapers and TV can act for freedom and democracy, unearthing problems in government, championing what the common man would do himself (if he had the time and the contacts). On the other hand, they can be a divisive barrier, splitting us apart from our elected representatives, devaluing politics into gossip and invented entertainment.

Here’s something a bit different. It’s a project I’ve been working on in my spare time the last couple of weeks, and it’s been launched tomorrow. Downing Street Says is an easy way to read what the Prime Minister has said about the issues of the day. And – the twist – anyone can comment on what he is saying. In some ways this bypasses the media, but we’re hoping that it will also empower them by providing juicy source material.

The genesis of the site is mildly interesting. Tom Steinberg from had the idea (“PMOS briefings as a blog”), and it was so pure and obvious it almost demanded to be done. One lazy Saturday afternoon a few of us in Cambridge felt compelled to hack it together. These things can be much cheaper and more effective than many expensive government projects. It’s turned into a kind of trial mySociety project in its own way.

Head on over to Downing Street Says, read what the horse says, and add some informative new information of your own.

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