Moved House

I’ve finally settled into my new house, which means I’ve cleaned my bedroom window so I can see peoples feet more clearly as they walk past. After living for five years in a pre-gentrified old-industrial area of Cambridge, Portugal Place where I am now seems very busy.

Although many tourists do walk past, not many find this narrow pedestrian place. Unfortunately, if you head up to the main road it doesn’t feel very real and full of community. More like Cambridge the theme park. But going the other way there are quiet streets, Jesus Green park, and easy access to the cafes on King Street.

If you would like my new address or home phone number, then email me. It is very convenient for popping in while you’re in the centre of town. Or perhaps after you have been clubbing (what am I doing, encouraging people to visit me in that state!). Luckily, and to my surprise, my mobile works fine in my basement room.

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