Middle Two Days at Burning Man

(This is a continuation of my earlier post First Two Days at Burning Man. The shoddy photo to the right is of illumination village where we stayed, our camp is just behind the big yellow shade structure at the front left. The thing on the right is the pink pleasure palace.)


  • Ice run with Serena
    • Stairway to Hairven girl in queue, taking a snip of everyone’s hair
    • Playa beautiful
  • Trying to find people, fail and get lost
    • Suburban BRC, not the nicest place to be
    • Clara visits
  • Greek salad, and emotionally overwhelmed while eating barbecued chicken

  • Troll trip, set out looking for fancy dress clothes
    • Questionnaire in the dust storm at a table
    • Body sprayed (2 coats)
    • Post office, woman with stilts went inside it (didn’t really fit)
    • Delivered mail in dust storm, green post troll, went to three places:
    • – Bouncy Bouncy Club
    • – Heavenly something bar
    • – Wagasomething place, camp further round 7 o’clock
    • Took ages as given lots of drinks.
    • Back home, flag building
  • Wondering neighbourhood
    • Climbing small scaffold
    • Talking to Kate by caravan, Geena in truck
    • Blacklight theatre
  • Dinner
    • at Serena’s brothers, hippies
    • Back to illumination village propane music, firey hat etc.
    • Burning mini-temple, atmosphere felt like Nov 5th bonfire night
    • Cycling round playa, mad light view near man
    • Back to lost penguin


  • Big breakfast and camp tidy
  • Trip to the perimeter fence
  • Tree of wisdom, philosophy, talking to Liz
  • Temple
  • Growing mushroom/egg things in the middle of the desert.
  • Thunderdome (photo right)
  • Scaffold viewing platform across village square, went out to climb
  • Ended up invited to full Indian dinner with sides with town planning students from Berkeley
  • Mission to Mars
    • A mad crazy maze thing with much trickery and a fireman’s pole
  • Hitched lift really lame art vehicle bar, peddled it myself, really highly geared so it took forever to get anywhere. Great fun. Someone filming me wanted me to go back and do it again as they missed it for the cameras. Irritating.
  • Chillout dome, lieing down in remote middle of Playa
  • Rotoscope diver was working (powered by a moto)
  • Space shuttle, got a lift back
  • Went out round various places not recorded as I must have been knackered the next day
  • Amazing robot
  • (Animal capture anecdote)

Account of things degrades a bit from here.

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