Last Two Days at Burning Man

(Third and final part of a series. It’ll make more sense if you read First Two Days at Burning Man and Middle Two Days at Burning Man first. And What is Burning Man? if it’s still puzzling. The photo to the right is of the polyps I found in the desert on Friday. The photo below of the viewing platform in Illumination Village.)


  • Shower queue, long now. Ice cream while waiting.
  • Repainted green, another two coats.
  • Burning man – paniced prepare
    • it was an art car rally!
    • standing on my shoulders to get better view
  • Group party hopping
    • spinning thing to sit on
    • fell asleep everywhere
    • braziers warm
  • Dawn


  • Cooked breakfast for lots of people
  • Writing on the temple, cried reading them
  • Temple burning
  • Swinging fire thing, with 4 directions of nozzle and the propone blasts making it swing.
  • Braziers lit up, really fun to stand round


I missed writing down lots of things. Not just everything too social or too personal, but tiny incidents, and detailed descriptions. The problem with so much stimulation is that you don’t get the chance to reflect. There was less in depth conversation than I thought, because with the tasks of surviving and just looking at everything, you were fully sucked in and absorbed.

In that sense, it was for me a surprisingly shallow festival. An evening in the pub might have more richness and depth. Yet, somehow, the depth came through emotionally anyway, and you can’t help but be affected by it. I loved the notes and comments on the temple and the tree of life (described in a previous post). There’s peace in silencing philosophy, and enjoying life now.

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