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Finally bowing to modern two-way communication, I’ve enabled comments for this blog. To add your own thoughts to one of my posts, click on the little link which says “No comments” (or the number of comments that there are). And fill in the form. Please say “Hello” now to check it works!

If you get the email subscription to this, note that I’ve migrated it from Yahoo Groups to the new blogging software I’m using. Let me know if this email is or isn’t working, or doesn’t look right. I’ll post to the Yahoo Group soon, and then shut it down if everything is fine.

15 thoughts on “Say “Hello”

  1. hi, discovered your site just now when i was looking up map info. i was researching how people still think that the old maps are the only way of looking at the world, and your map info gave me even MORE than i was looking for. thanx!

  2. what an excellent little site_ unusual in these days of mass-pretension _
    discovered in on google whilst trawling for links to input_for_color’s hobbies links page
    skeleton site already uploaded and hopefully fully functioning in another month
    interested in your links to programming stuff and will return
    (no time now_ way too busy!!!)
    thanks for making me smile_ take care ;)

  3. I was Googling “black clothes communist” and found the G8 page. Entrancing, that 20something point of view! Good writing.

  4. hi,
    Thanks for all your good stuff. Years back I relied on your vc/ss build scripts at a job, used your CVS client (now using TortoiseSVN ;-). And hats off for writetothem site and its alikes.

    You make the world a better place (not Bliar…)

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