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Ghana 2002


We now started to make our route away from the coast, heading north to reach Upper West Region by the weekend. Travelling around Ghana signs of a vibrant democratic life are everywhere, from election posters, to debate in the newspapers about school uniforms.

Various election posters. Notice in the third picture that none of the candidates are women.

Democracy in Ghana is young but successful. In 2000 there was the first democratic transfer of power from one party to another, an event unique in the region. There is more freedom of speech with each democratic change of power.

However, democracy in Ghana has its problems. People are still voting based on tribe, not on policy or even on class grounds. Women's education and participation in democracy is very low. They often vote for the attractive men, for example the previous leader Rawlings.

Obituary poster on a house in Elmina.

Even more ubiquitous than democracy posters were obituary posters. When someone dies one is put up on the wall of their house, inviting everyone to the funeral.

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