The least laid plans escalate the easiest.

I’m going to go to Maynamar (Burma) with my friend Phil, and I’m leaving in two weeks time. Just going there as a tourist is ethically controversial – see Tourism Concern and Lonely Planet for both sides of the story. I have been persuaded that it is OK to go for two main reasons:

  • Aung San Suu Kyi, the charasmatic pro-democracy leader, told tourists not to go to Myanmar a few years ago. However, other members of her party the NLD have said that they think travel there is good, as it opens up communications lines with the outside world.
  • Nowdays you can travel in Myanmar, but spend very little money at government-owned places.

Since deciding to go, my plans have escalated somewhat. First I decided that whilst I’m in the area, I may as well go to Vietnam as well. By that point I was planning to go for two months, so I figured I may as well give up my room here in Cambridge, leaving myself free to travel for longer if I’m enjoying myself. I’d like to make it to China.

So, I’m leaving in two weeks time. There feels like remarkably little to get ready, although I do have to pack up my room, and somehow squeeze it in the attic here.

If you know anybody in SE Asia, in particular if you have any contacts with development (international, not software, although software too!) projects in the area, please do let me know. It’s good to visit things when travelling, and I’d be grateful of any suggestions.

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