Been busy this week catching up with things. Done some work on the Think Twice conference website. You can now find transcripts of the talks from the last conference.

On Monday I made a CD with a Windows installer for Mozilla on and a local copy of the Cambridge Oxfam Group website. Chris, one of the group members, is taking on the website from me. Actually, I stopped updating the site, and when you give things up, if they are important other people do come along to take them on. On Monday evening I showed him how to use Mozilla composer, so now he can update the site. Hopefully he’ll become adventurous and put a bit more imagination into it than I have!

Working out how to write up Ghana. Can’t find a good “story” to make it into an article; I have lots of interesting things to say but they are quite bitty, and it takes time to cohese them into something that isn’t too boring to read.

There’s no more work for me to do at Ravenbrook at the moment. On Friday I’m going to finally sort out a backup system for the Harambee centre…

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