Oh yes, and the new domain name has propagated but there is nothing there yet.

Had a really good day at the Harambee centre. Wayne arrived just before 11am with the new computer, and quickly and consummately set it up. Crimson Technology provides proper service. He moved the old computer, set up the new one, installed printer drivers for the printer, and even put in a network card that i […]

Last Thursday I went to an introductory meeting about Re-evaluation Counseling (RC), also known as Co-counseling. It’s a curious thing. The core is that you sit down with some one, and listen to them talk for 45 minutes. You don’t add anything to the conversation, just nod, be interested, engage, but certainly not ask questions […]

It’s a strange sort of loneliness living your life as a free agent. I’m use to some social interaction at the club that is Creature Labs in amongst writing and coding. Yesterday afternoon I went for a run to stop myself going to sleep. If I was working from home for an extended period I’d […]

Happy Tuesday. This afternoon I went into the Harambee centre again. Talked to Sheila there about the DFID research project, and I’m going to help her next week with sending out an email questionnaire. You’d be amazed at how hard it is deciding what format to send a questionnaire in. We decided against emailing Word […]

OK, that’s enough blogging for today, I’m off to Tesco. I’ll tell you about the weekend and other things from last week on Wednesday when I’ll have nothing else to say.

After having been half shaved my hair is definitely back up to furry length now. It was prickly to start with, but when the gap between the hairs becomes smaller than the length of the hairs, it suddenly feels like a cat. Thanks to everyone who made a donation for Jimmy’s Nightshelter / The Big […]

Recently I’ve been trying to help out the Harambee Centre with their computers. They’re a development education resource centre in Cambridge, which basically means they help teach children about international development. This ranges from being a library of lesson plans and resources, to organising events at schools. Last Monday afternoon (when I should have been […]

Hello. I meant to begin last week, but got myself in a tangle deciding what a blog is and isn’t. Frimlin just told me to post anyway, so here I am. Last week was my first week after finishing work at Creature Labs. On Monday I went to visit Windhorse Trading, a warehousing business on […]