Various SARS links

I finally found some more useful SARS information from the UK government other than the FCO’s China travel advice. Two places to go are Department of Health emerging travel advice and Public Health Laboratory Service (they handily protects the population from infection). These sources are all reassuringly calm, basically saying travel anywhere, but watch for symptoms even when you get back.

Of course, the World Health Organisation is the place for the latest news. With today’s press briefing you even get to practice a foreign language – one of the questions asks in French about regions of China other than Guangdong province. The reply is that the healthcare system is decentralised, that regions have been asked to report on SARS centrally, but that there are no results from that yet. They’re working on getting results. I’d feel safer in Vietnam…

Finally, Bene Diction Blogs On seems to be the main mover and shaker in the Canada SARS world. Although she is perhaps a bit too on top of the news if you are looking to avoid hysteria, she does link to lots of general interest SARS stuff.

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