They Work for You

Political engagement, it’s a struggle. It’s summer, the beer is fine, and house prices haven’t fallen for over ten years. Too busy being taught how to decorate by the latest television programme, why should anyone be bothered with politics?

Imagine a manager who never came into work. A boss who never even rang you up to ask you what you were doing. How hard would you slave away if he was always off walking in the countryside? If he still paid you your salary no matter what you did?

Well, you are that manager. Yes you. There’s someone who works for you and, be honest, you have no idea what they are up to. You’ve probably even forgotten that they work for you, which is strange since you pay them quite well.

Yesterday we launched, a project which a few of us have been working on for the last nine months. Head on over there, type in your postcode. Find out who is working for you, statistics on how well they are doing, and a record of what they’ve said recently in their place of work.

There’s an article in today’s Guardian which explains it all.

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