Two Immodest Events

Even if a website isn’t yet as useful as it should be, sometimes it attracts attention and excitement. On Thursday, Julian and I were presented with an award for The Public Whip. It’s the winner of the “Civic Renewal” category for the New Statesman New Media awards. There are photos. Partly this was a good excuse for the New Statesman to get sponsorship for their summer party, which was great fun.

The week before, a few of us involved in Downing Street Says went to visit Number 10. Again, there is a photo. 10 Downing Street is much less like a home and much more like an office block than I expected. Albeit, an office block with beautiful paintings, carpets and furniture that you normally find in the Victoria and Albert museum. No, we didn’t meet the Prime Minister, lots of other people work at Number 10. We were meeting those who make the PM’s website.

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