First Two Days at Burning Man

It’s hard to give a good feel for what Burning Man was like, since so much happens so quickly. Every line below is just a passing incident. Yet if it happened to you on a normal day, it’d be worth ringing up your best friend to tell them about it.

Each morning, after breakfast, I tried to write down every notable thing I’d seen the day before. I’m posting them up largely unedited, so it may not make sense, but should give you an impression. Here are the first two days.


  • View of pyramid lake on the way in
    • Long straight roads
    • Sky, massive landscapes like a fantasy world. Such scope
  • Dust storm as entering immigration
  • Assembling parachute and lights and tents in the dark
  • View of night lights on art car adventure like tron (photo above right)
    • Massive panarama unvailing sitting on back of propane instrument car as you zoom back out from the esplenade
    • Things everywhere, glowing flashing lights, colours, madness
  • Strobe thing you pedal (the rotoscope one with sculptures)
  • Discos at 2 o’clock (street and time ;)
    • walking round nearby looking at weird glowing things out slightly from into the desert
  • Temple at end of playa
    • Solar powered bike/wing thing with huge wheel parked outside


  • Making the kitchen
  • Securing tent centre on ladder
  • Beer wander (set out to get a beer from the next tent, and ended up:)
    • Dust storm while approaching the man, sheletered in the dome under him
    • Hiding from dust inside someone’s thesis
    • Lost penguin cabaret club, eating ice cream
  • (Missed pizza and cocktails!)
  • Ice mission
    • Unvolunteered from the centre camp cafe
    • Went to post office to volunteer, I think told to come back another time
    • Wheel that rolls with three people pedling inside it, thought it was static fairground ride to start with (picture right)
    • Sunset spectacular from sitting on a big swing platform thing in the process of being built by people speaking in Hebrew
  • Flaming lotus girls perimeter duty
  • Permiter partying, walked the whole circumference with Bob and James I think
    • Happy New Day party (with countdown, champagne and auld lang syne)
    • Tower at 3 o’clock plaza you could climb up
    • Maze of cardboard box walls, with a party inside it at the end
    • Spinning fluorescent tubes, in alien semaphore pattern

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