How we used email as a customer support system at mySociety

You’ve seen it. The red eyes… An ennui for life… The drained sadness of someone who has been lost for weeks in a customer support ticket tracking system. At mySociety (the awesome Internet democracy charity I was on the founding team of) we tried using Request Tracker for a while, and quickly fled. We could flee, because we […]

Tudor time travel – Episode 1 of Crazy theories.txt

Because I work in technology, people are often surprised that I spend 2 weeks a year living in the 16th Century. The first episode of a new Podcast by Jonathan Deamer and I explains why. What is Kentwell Hall? Were the Tudors a high technology society? What does it mean to be human? Why do both Jonathan and […]

Awesome Foundation – Liverpool Chapter

There’s not enough awesomeness in the universe. Don’t get me wrong, there’s quite a lot. But we could do with a bit more. That’s why we’re lucky that Tim Hwang set up the Awesome Foundation a few years ago. It began in Boston, and has spread to dozens of cities. How’s it work? 10 trustees […]