Those brief moments when winning seems possible

This mad dash bad mixen fun up down world.

Forces smash hither and fither, 7 billion of us strange qualia,
doing, being human.

Web culture, open source culture… sucked out of academia,
hacking, sharing, making, funning, building. Just late enough
for usability to be just there just cheap enough.

Smashed with.

Political culture… burnt out, tired, so so so good best
world has ever been, so so so broken, media corporate
capitalist socialist thought tangle.

Wonks, meet Geeks.

Geeky wonky wonky geeky geeky wonky geeky wonky geek geek
geek geek wonk wonk wonk wonk.

Only in England. Honourable neutral, civic servile, playful,
statirical. A soup, aglutinating not once but many times –
digitrights faxing, illegal-war voting, political surveying…

Pulled together into an organ, into a community, into a charity.
Inspiring. Beast poking.









Love us hate us join us be us. Pester your politicians, repair
your civic infrastructure, free your information!

there are few of those very brief moments those times when two
things combine in the right place with the right skills and
set the pulse and light up and burn and grow and all the
people and all the amazing people and spread spread from
this island round the world ideas filtering through a million minds
and alter the framing change the expectations uplift uplift
hope hope hope.

Those very brief moments.

When winning seems possible.

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