Right, I had synced my palm, checked for any recent changes on the FCO website, and put a vacation message on my email. This meant that technically I should have packed up the computer, but that would have meant losing my music… So instead I played Ben’s open source game Zig for half an hour. […]

I’ve posted up information on my web site about how to contact me while I’m away, and where I’m going. To find it, follow the link “How to contact me, while I’m travelling” at the bottom of my home page. It’s marked with .

Well, I’m having a busy week. As well as packing, buying things to pack, and working out how to pack up my room, more people than usual keep ringing me up and emailing me, to see me before I go. Today I started putting some of my things in the attic here. I’ll need a […]

I’ve finished my Ghana writeup, and you get privileged first showing. Let me know your comments, whether spelling mistakes, factual errors, or your thoughts and feelings about it. Special bonus bit that didn’t fit in anywhere on the page, another exclusive to this blog: In Ghana, we were a bit puzzled because whenever we introduced […]

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I went to London on Tuesday to apply for my visa for Myanmar, and meet up with a couple of people. Today I’ve been working on my Ghana writeup, which is making some progress. I also took my analogue camera to the Oxfam shop, so I’m now totally digital. This evening I spent learning about […]

To give you a flavour of my trip to Ghana, and to try out image posting, this is one of my photos. It’s taken out the back of Major’s truck, at a school in Wa where we stopped for an errand. The kids were so excited to see us, so I asked them if I […]

The least laid plans escalate the easiest. I’m going to go to Maynamar (Burma) with my friend Phil, and I’m leaving in two weeks time. Just going there as a tourist is ethically controversial – see Tourism Concern and Lonely Planet for both sides of the story. I have been persuaded that it is OK […]

Been busy this week catching up with things. Done some work on the Think Twice conference website. You can now find transcripts of the talks from the last conference. On Monday I made a CD with a Windows installer for Mozilla on and a local copy of the Cambridge Oxfam Group website. Chris, one of […]

Pete, the excellent Half-head challenge chief poobah and bean counter, has finally got to the end of working out how much money we made in September by shaving our heads in half down the middle. Pete says… “In the end, we raised a rather large �1333.73 to split between the Big Issue Foundation and Jimmy’s […]