Your wildest predictions for 2010


Someone asked me to think up counterintuitive predictions for the next year – things which might happen, but where it would not be ordinary for them to happen. Things with a hint in the present world of their possibility.

Here’s some, make your own in the comments.

  • Ordnance Survey will go bust – i.e. their revenue will suddenly fall dramatically (due to competition from OpenStreetMap, Google).
  • Vince Cable will be Prime Minister (with backing of tabloids, after a hung Parliament coalition Government collapses due to a further financial crisis, and then the formation of a Government of national unity).
  • Someone will work out how to print photovoltaic solar panels on a device as cheap as a household inkjet printer, shares in all other energy businesses will collapse.
  • There will be a nuclear war, with a bomb at least as large as
    Hiroshima used on a civilian population. I don’t know where, because it’ll be somewhere we don’t quite expect.
  • At least one famous person will lose their job, reputation and spouse due to an affair discovered using reverse face-image recognition on Flickr photos of crowds.

What are your wild predictions for the next year?

One thought on “Your wildest predictions for 2010

  1. Well Ordnance survey instead freed lots of data under an open license – looks like we have at least three way mapping competition which is great. Vince Cable became Business Secretary, so I wasn’t so far off.

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