Public Whip Newsletter

Some of my blogging energy has been siphoned off into an irregular newsletter for Public Whip, the MP voting website that I do with Julian. I just sent out the second issue. You can read it here. You might want to sign up if you like what you see.

Fun Flea Game

This week we released the game that I’ve been working on. It’s called FleaFall, and it rocks. Try it out! Naturally, now comes the job of marketing. You don’t understand capitalism until you’ve had a go yourself. Most of us are quite isolated in corners of a hierarchy somewhere. We’re not really sure what the […]

Sarajevo to London

Sarajevo (first photo) was absolutely astonishing. I arrived unknowningly some way out of town at an eastern bus station, and was amazed by the taxi ride through what seemed like a teaming metropolis. I’d expected it to be rundown and wartorn, but by night it was a thriving European capital. After leaving my luggage at […]

Albania to Montenegro

I quickly visited the ancient ruins of Butrint in the south-west, which were a bit disappointing. Tirana, the capital of Albania, was even more so. I arrived too near sunset, with the guidebooks both warning you to be careful going out at night, at least in the suburbs. In a rush, I found a decent […]


Land borders are always fascinating places, and the one between Greece and Albania was no exception. The bus services are awkward or non-existent to border posts in this part of the world, so you have to hire a taxi to drop you off there. After crossing the Greek checkpoint on foot there was a long […]


Just a quick post, as internet access is expensive here. Or at least it feels expensive as you have to put coins in a slot. I’m in Kalambaka towards the north of Greece. The attraction here are the impressive Meteora, huge pillars of rock topped by 14th century monastries. The Byzantine empire was collapsing, and […]

Big Fat Greek Wedding

I’m in Greece after going to Tim and Xenya’s wedding at the weekend. It was good fun, great to stay for a while with lots of my university friends. The service was at a tiny chapel on the coastline just north-east of Athens. The congregation could never have fitted in the chapel, which was just […]

Burning Punts

Photos courtesy of Ben, who spent the evening taking zillions of snaps. Thank you! On Saturday I went to a curious and quasi-pagan event at Granchester. Some Trinity puntspeople had the desire to dispose of an old warn out punt. I got there quite early with some friends and spent a while drinking beer, walking […]

Current Projects

Hello! It’s time for an update on what I’ve been up to. I’m working on two projects at the moment. The first one is the Public Whip, a website which analyses the voting record of MPs in the House of Commons. It was Julian’s idea to do it. There’s some nasty backend code which extracts […]

Japanese Charities

In Tokyo in May, I went to visit people from two different development charities. They were both Christian charities because the contact that I found them through was Christian. However there isn’t a strong secular philanthropic tradition in Japan, as people are more inclined to let the government do everything. Keep in mind that although […]